Medusa's Locks

So, as most of you know-- if you watch my videos on Youtube-- I'm representing an upcoming hair extension line Medusa's Locks. Medusa's Locks are 100% Premium Remy Human Clip-In Hair Extensions. They come in most common hair colors, and even if you can't find your EXACT match-- they're completely DYE-ABLE! Also, they're 150grams-- some of the thickest extension on the market! I personally wear these hair extension every day. I feel extremely honored to be the first girl to own a set of these hair extensions. The cool thing is: there are only 22 grand-opening sets! If you order within the first 2 weeks that the website is running-- you will own a set of the first extensions made by Medusa's Locks! I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty awesome. Only 22 people will have the first-made sets. Aaanyways, I'll give you guys more info on the website when it is up and ready to sell the first sets. Here is a picture of what the first 22 set's packaging will look like. When all of those sets are completely sold out, the color of the packaging will be different. The first picture is the back of the packaging, and the second is the front on the packaging. Notice that it consists or purple and lime green. Also, check me out on the back of it! Isn't that exciting?!
Thanks so much for reading my blog, guys! Love you!

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