Andrea Perma-lashes

Hi Ladies!

So I decided to make a small investment in Andrea Perma-Lashes. I actually got the starter kit, which I've posted a picture of, since I've never applied single lashed before. I haven't really heard much about them, so I figured that once I get the concept of them down, I'll make a little tutorial on them. The cool thing about them is that they last up to 3 weeks. Amazing, right? They're a lot like professional lash extensions, if applied correctly.
Anyways, I just thought I'd blog about the latest investment besides a ton of new clothes... I should make a haul video when they all come in. I ordered online since no in-store credit card machine will accept a debit card with no PIN number- but their online store will.
Thanks for reading :)


Hard Candy 5-pan Palette

Hey Ladies!
I just got this 5-pan Hard Candy palette because a girl requested a look with it on Youtube. I haven't done the look yet, but I did take a look at the eyeshadow primer that come with it(the little tube on the top). The tube comes off of the palette, of course... but the consistency of it is really really runny. It's almost like milk and water mixed together. I was thrilled when I saw that it comes with a primer, seeing as how most primers are atleast $13. This entire palette is $7, including the little primer. Now I see why... it's nothing impressive. I don't think it works very well, but I suppose looks can be decieving.

I'll do a look with this as soon as I take care of this little break out I'm having, and I'll do an experiment with the eyeshadow primer. I'll do something like a through-out the day video/experiment. I don't know yet. My YouTube Name: FrankieAdore
Anyways, I'll talk to you girlies later :)

Loves ya,


My Holiday Food Idea

Hey guys!

Totally off of the topic of beauty:

I had the cutest idea on a delicious treat to make for Christmas!

See, I'm not much of a cook or anything... but I'm a super festive holiday person.

I looove holidays.



I'm going to make candy cane fudge!

I found the recipe on Google;


First Blog

You're probably reading this because you know about me on Youtube.

Well, I want you to know that this blog isn't strictly about makeup or beauty.

I'll be blogging about my day, my family, my boyfriend, my friends, my school, my teachers, etc.

If you read this and keep up, you'll probably know quite a bit about me.


I will be posting photos, make up tips, fashion tips, etc.

I'm a normal girl with a desire to get noticed.

Talk to you next time,





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My name is Frankie Simones. I am a full time college student in the southern portion of North America. I want you all to see what I have to say and what I think. I'm capable of many things, but I want to express myself in forms of art, writing, and fashion.