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Hey guys,
so as most of you probably DON'T know, I've been very much interested in Creative Writing my entire life.
What I'll be doing is creating a new blog-- dedicated to my short stories, ideas, and philosophies.
I'll post something about the blog when I get it up and running, with atleast one story to read.
Most of my stories are dark, and sometimes confusing.. it's all in the art of it, though, I don't believe that everything has to make sense.
Somethings are here for the wonder, for the question.
Anyways, this blog will still be focused on make up & fashion.

Love Alwaaays,

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My name is Frankie Simones. I am a full time college student in the southern portion of North America. I want you all to see what I have to say and what I think. I'm capable of many things, but I want to express myself in forms of art, writing, and fashion.