Hard Candy 5-pan Palette

Hey Ladies!
I just got this 5-pan Hard Candy palette because a girl requested a look with it on Youtube. I haven't done the look yet, but I did take a look at the eyeshadow primer that come with it(the little tube on the top). The tube comes off of the palette, of course... but the consistency of it is really really runny. It's almost like milk and water mixed together. I was thrilled when I saw that it comes with a primer, seeing as how most primers are atleast $13. This entire palette is $7, including the little primer. Now I see why... it's nothing impressive. I don't think it works very well, but I suppose looks can be decieving.

I'll do a look with this as soon as I take care of this little break out I'm having, and I'll do an experiment with the eyeshadow primer. I'll do something like a through-out the day video/experiment. I don't know yet. My YouTube Name: FrankieAdore
Anyways, I'll talk to you girlies later :)

Loves ya,

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  1. I love you. I like your profile,
    It's really... girly.

    I miss you<3




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